Emails, Comments and other Communications

I welcome any comments and feedback you may have on this blog and its content. However, to cover myself, this is my policy on this sort of thing.

Any comment posted on this site is considered to be covered by the same license as the main posts, unless otherwise specified. However, I can, and will, moderate, edit or remove any comment without warning or explanation if I deem necessary.

Any communication made to me relating to this blog, by any means, is considered ‘on the record’ unless agreed by both parties in writing or by email in advance. I may use the content of any of these ‘on the record’ communications in a post on this blog, and it may be subject to blow-by-blow analysis or other response. If you wish to respond to these posts, the associated comment thread should be used. In all cases I will endeavour to maintain the quotes in the given context and to credit the author where appropriate. Anonymity will be granted on request at the discretion of the author.

In short, if you don’t want your comments to be used or analysed, I suggest you email them to me, noting that you wish them to be off the record first. That said, there are no cast-iron promises.

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