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It is rather warm in UniTown at the moment.  Even now, at nearly 2300, I’m overheating.  I’ve been complaining rather a lot recently about the rain, but now I’m too warm.  Sleeping tonight is going to be interesting.

Guess I must be English.  Can complain about the weather, no matter what it is.


More Snow

So it snowed rather a lot in UniTown and WorkTown last night.  I had a good couple of inches lying outside my house when I left or work this morning, and it was still snowing.  This instantly ruled out my normal way of getting to work, down a stupidly steep permanently closed road.  Something told me that was a recipe for a fracture or other FOOSH injury.  I didn’t really fancy having to call out an ambulance for myself, something which I have, as of yet, avoided.

Oh bugger, now I’ve said it…

Anyway, after a shallower (though still pretty ‘interesting’) detour, I got to the train station.  To find that pretty much every train going even remotely in the direction I wanted was delayed.  My train was going to be at least thirty minutes late, so I took the first one going to BigCity, hoping to catch a train to WorkTown from there.

Needless to say, my normal train, which was now even more delayed, was the first one I could get.  At least there was a warm room where I could hide with a hot chocolate there.

My train ended up leaving just over thirty minutes late from BigCity.  This is a train that normally waits a good twenty minutes at BigCity station before moving on, so this was an impressive delay.

Ironically, when I got to work, the only ones there were the other two who get the train in the morning.  They apparently caught the last train from UniTown that was on time, and when I arrived they had built a majorly impressive snow man in front of the unit.  My arrival was quickly followed by a snowball fight, when I regretted not having gloves, but was very grateful for my waterproof trousers, before we finally went in to start some ‘proper work’.

Getting home was even more of a pain.  I got the first train to BigCity again, where I could wait in the warm until the next delayed train heading to UniTown arrived.  Once there, I discovered that most of the buses weren’t running, not that there was any indication of this at the Bus Station.  I managed to get the very last bus heading out of the Station, and as we left there were still people waiting, presumably not knowing that there were no more buses.

The snow wasn’t even that heavy!  Why are we so unprepared for this sort of weather that the entire world comes to a halt when it snows!

Home Alone, Panto and Snow

I don’t like living alone.  I am currently in rattling around in a house designed for four, and nobody else is likely to turn up for at least a couple of days.  This sucks.  Even though I don’t see very much of my housemates on a normal day, it is nice to know there’s someone else around.

Thankfully I had Theatre Duty this evening, so I had a good reason to get out of the house.  It is panto season, one of my favourite parts of the year.  Sometimes the Theatre Duty is a drag, with dull plays that I try not to fall asleep in.  I love panto season, and this year’s one lived up to it’s ‘brilliantly bad’ reputation.  Frustratingly, I ended up doing the duty on my own, not an ideal situation.  By the time I knew this, I was already at the Theatre, and I didn’t really feel that I could leave again.  Thankfully nothing happened, though I was a little nervous.

I got home just in time for the news.  Apparently, there is currently a severe weather warning out for HomeTown, and I some form of warning or caution out for UniTown and WorkTown.  I have work tomorrow, and the commute there involves a train journey, preceded by a walk down hill.  Last year, when it snowed and they ran out of grit, this walk was particularly unpleasant.  I’ll have to wait and see about tomorrow, but I could be getting in late…

Look after yourselves in this cold weather.

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