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Drive Safe

I have just seen this on The Happy Medic’s blog.

I’ll warn you now, it does not make easy watching. That said, I agree with some of the commenters on Happy’s post. I think this is essential viewing for everyone on the road.

I have been hit by cars twice while cycling.

Once a driver pulled out in to me. I was directly in front of the driver when they pulled out. They told me they hadn’t seen me, I don’t know how. Thankfully me, my bike and the car were all fine. It was the lowest of low-speed impacts.

The second time, a driver thought it would be funny to slide past me as closely as possible. He misjudged. Luckily, I only had minor injuries, and my bike was fine. I suspect he got some expensive damage to the side of his car.

Once I hit a bus. He pulled out in front of me. I put an impressive dent in the side of his vehicle, wrote off my helmet, and got away with some grazes and a sore head for a week.

I know people who have dealt with road incidents. I have dealt with a car vs bike, thankfully without serious consequences. I hope I never have to deal with anything remotely like what this video shows.

I know I’ve been lucky. I try to be a cautious cyclist. The few times I’ve been behind the wheel of a car, I’m even more so. Hopefully this’ll help do something to protect me from the idiots out there. I just hope that more people out there will do the same.

Wherever you are, however you travel, go safe.

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