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Housemate, here’s an interesting thought for you:

When you want to use my stuff, instead of spending ages asking me to wash it up, why don’t you just bloody do it yourself.  It’s not exactly difficult!


Though, you could just spend some money and buy your own…  You could replace the pint glass of mine you broke while you’re at it…



He’s done it again…  My housemate has invited a couple of people to stay at our house for a couple of nights.  Not once has he asked me if that’s a problem, or if I mind, or even just given me warning that I’d have two strangers (to me) sleeping in the house.

It’s not even as if I’d say no.  I wouldn’t mind if he just warned me, so when these random people turn up my first instinct isn’t ‘who the hell is that in my house’.

I know this is a shared house, and he has as much right to have guests around if he wants.  That I don’t have a problem with.  They’ll probably be using my eating stuff tomorrow (though I’ll be damned if I’m washing it up specially for them…)  I don’t even really mind that they’ve just spent the entire evening on my Xbox (again, not even as much as a ‘do you mind’).  What bugs me is the fact that he doesn’t even seem to have considered the fact that I might mind.

It is tempting to get up nice and early, make myself a nice cooked breakfast, and generally clatter around tomorrow morning and see if he says anything.  I may even ‘forget’ to close the kitchen door, and accidentally set of the smoke detectors like I regularly do when frying things.

It sounds a little mean, as I look at it, but hey, we can both be inconsiderate from time to time if we want…

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