Patient Confidentiality

I take patient confidentiality very seriously. If my patient doesn’t trust me, my job becomes very difficult. I won’t have their trust if they think their personal details will get spread far and wide.

With this in mind, every entry in this blog dealing with real people has probably been edited to protect all those involved, if it isn’t hugely fictionalized. If you think you recognise something that I have written up here, it is very likely you are wrong.

If by some unfortunate coincidence you recognise an incident, please keep in mind that the things I deal with happen on a very regular basis across the country. There is a reason why I don’t name anyone who isn’t a public or other well-known figure, and none of my patients, and why I don’t say where all this takes place. I ask that you respect this, and do not post any details in the comments. I will remove any post that I think is unsuitable.

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