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So, despite fiddling with settings and ensuring that all posts from this blog were directed to the Walking Plaster Dispenser page instead of my own personal timeline, WordPress yet again posted a status message onto my timeline.  Thankfully I spotted this one significantly faster than last time, thought not before at least one person came this way.

If you are them, I’ll point you in the direction of this post, and say no more…

In order to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, I have severed all connections between Facebook and this blog.  Seeing as I can’t trust WordPress not to cock it up again, this is the only real option I have to avoid dumping myself in the brown and sticky stuff. Again…  As a result, I’ve also taken down the Page (not that it was every particularly successful or useful).

If you still want to follow me, I’m still on Twitter, and there is always the RSS and email feeds.


Social Networking Plug

As my current post is taking ages to come together, I think this is time for a bit of shameless plugging of my social networking (lack-of-)presence.  So, in no particular order:

Facebook: The Walking Plaster Dispenser

Twitter: @wplstrdispenser

Feel free to drop in, follow, like, chat, whatever.

And now, back to our normal programming.  Well, when it sorts itself out…

Google+: Walking Plaster Dispenser

Facebook Page

Just a quick post to say that the Facebook page I added to my side-bar is now up and running properly, and now actually staying publicly visible now.  I’d love it if you’d drop by and say hello or like me on there.

There’s also my Twitter account @wplstrdispenser, if you’re into Twitter, and of cause I love to read any comments you feel like writing.

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