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Facebook Page

Just a quick post to say that the Facebook page I added to my side-bar is now up and running properly, and now actually staying publicly visible now.  I’d love it if you’d drop by and say hello or like me on there.

There’s also my Twitter account @wplstrdispenser, if you’re into Twitter, and of cause I love to read any comments you feel like writing.


Social Networking

The Internet is a strange thing, and social networking doubly so. We’ve all heard the stories of people with thousands of friends on Facebook, most of whom they don’t talk to, or, for that matter, even know. I will say now that I know everyone in my friends list (I think), even though I don’t talk to a vast majority of them.

Twitter’s a bit different, however. I follow a few people under the username @wplstrdispenser, and a very small few follow me. And I chat with some, joke around with others, and, to my surprise, actually get replies. These are people I’ve never met, and who I’d almost certainly not notice if we walked past in the street (no offense 🙂 ). It just strikes me as bizarre… Brilliant, but bizarre.

Oh, and I’ve noticed I’ve started getting hits referred from my twitter profile, which means to me that someone’s actually reading the random dribble I tweet about…  Obviously I never really got all of this until now.

Oh, and if anyone does come here, from anywhere, do leave a comment. Or tweet me, and I’ll try to get back to you, just as soon as I can.

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