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Local Events vs Major Events

This is a bit of a rant on one of my particular pet hates about the local Adult unit.

As an Organisation, we cover both local events, managed by individual units, and what we call ‘major events’, which are managed by a county team.  The latter tend to be huge things that are too large for any individual unit to cover alone, and tend to be the more fun duties (as there’s more going on, and you are therefore more likely to treat).

Now the local adult unit have a policy that, if there is a local event on the same day as a major one, the local one has to be covered first.  In principle this is fine.  However, in practice, you end up with a unit that has the reputation of never going out on duty outside their home town.  And then you get a group of people who feel alienated from the rest of the county when their on courses, get put off doing the advanced skills, and that’s the end of it.

I really enjoy going on duty. If I thought I’d get away with it, I’d go on duty every weekend.  I got told at the unit meeting this evening that they didn’t need to advertise the county events because they already had enough to do.  I’ve not been on duty for nearly a month.  I’ve got four events this month, two of which are county events.  I’d hardly call this enough work for me.

I’m lucky.  As a unit leader, I don’t need anyone’s permission to apply to attend an event.  However, even if I did, this wouldn’t stop me.  I’m a volunteer.  I try to help out at the ‘boring’ events when I can.  I’ll be damned if I’ll let someone stop me going to a local festival because some dull school fete isn’t covered.  This wouldd just make me not go on duty at all that day in protest.

Of cause, this doesn’t make me popular, but what the hell.  I’m in this to enjoy it.  Not to spend every event sat, bored stiff, in some hall while people potter about a car boot sale…


Low Morale

I seem to have hit a new low in my feelings about my Organisation Work.

I love working with the young members. I enjoy doing the teaching, and working with them on duty is usually very rewarding.  However, my youth work role comes with a boat-load of stress that I don’t think it really needs…

I have spent hundreds of hours working with this unit, and I’ve been there nearly six months now, and it feels like we’re getting nowhere.  It really doesn’t help that it feels like I’m working with a member with all the initiative and get-up-and-go of a sloth, and another who worries me whenever he opens his mouth.

At the moment, it feels like we’re lurching from crisis to crisis, and I know that we haven’t been running things for long, but it doesn’t even feel like we’re moving forwards, let alone with any kind of plan. Time and again I find myself apologising for things being sent in late because someone else in the unit has mucked me about.

Just to make things even more fun, I’ve just restarted lectures, and am already quite worried about one and highly irritated about another. Oh, and my department has forgotten that one of my options is a second year module (I’m in my third year), and so far they have scheduled two separate lectures to clash with it.  Tomorrow, I have a tutorial (which is sometimes a lecture) at the same time as a lecture for what is likely to be my most difficult module, and next week I’ll miss the introduction lecture because I’ll be in another one.

Needless to say, I’m feeling extremely stressed, and I am quite close to dropping the role here and now. I feel really bad about leaving them all in the lurch, but at this moment I just don’t think I have the energy to carry on.

I’m going to have a private chat with one of my bosses tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be able to find a solution, because things can’t carry on as they are at the moment…

Too Many Hours


I have volunteered 504 hours so far this year to the Organisation. Last year, in total, I gave 501, so that’s more in January to June than I fit in an entire year last year.

It’s official, I have no life…

Oops! Hours Jigging Time

Oh dear.

I had a look at my hours again. Over the past month, I somehow managed to spend more than a 100 hours working for the Organisation.

My math has me at more than 400 hours now. And it’s only half way through the year.

I’m definitely going to have to jig things around on my end of year return if I want to avoid certificates and embarrassment…

Oh, and I definitely do too much for the Organisation…


I’m a little worried. Some how, I have found the time to give more than 340 hours to the Organisation so far this year. This is a bit mad. Last year I gave about 500 hours. This results in me being given a certificate, though thankfully I managed to sit on the whole thing and avoid it being presented to me formally.

This year I probably won’t be in charge when I submit my hours. This means I won’t be able to subtly hide the number of hours I’ve done, and knowing my luck, the person in charge will have it included in a presentation evening.


Perhaps I’ll be lucky. May be they won’t notice…

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