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Mind the Wet Paint

I’ve decided I fancy a change around on this blog.  I’ve played with some themes, and settled on a new one I like, and I’ll be wondering through my posts to make them fit in with the new style.

Things could get interesting over the next couple of hours/days/weeks…


A Beautiful Thing

I don’t often write about gay things (well beyond the odd side-comment).  Occasionally I’ll post something on Twitter, if I spot a tweet worth an RT, but I can count the number of these occasions on the fingers on one hand.  If you’re interested, my favourite would have to be:

Which is probably because I’m an old romantic at heart.

To get back to the point, last night I watched the film Beautiful Thing for the first time.  I’d heard of it before (I’d imagine most people in the LGBT community probably have), but have only just got around to actually seeing it.

Now, I’m not normally a fan of such films.  Give me an action/adventure or sci-fi any day.  That said, I found it really enjoyable, and a far cry from many  gay movies that pander to every single gay stereotype going.

The best bit is definitely the final scene.  It is really simple (like all of the film, in fairness), but really moving, and the perfect happy ending.

Sorry that this is a bit of an aimless post, I just wanted to share.  I definitely suggest everyone goes out to see this, even if just for the feel-good-factor of a genuinely happy ending.

Well I’ll Go to the Foot of the Stairs

Yesterday, after a rather dull afternoon on duty, I went out to a meal with a group of my Organisation friends.  Amongst them was one of the most senior uniformed members in the area.  Now, normally I get on very well with this person (who I will christen TopBoss, because the people above her don’t count…), but everything I have been hearing has suggested that she has been getting in the way of us taking the bikes and making them better.

Needless to say, bikes came up at the meal (as they do…), but, unexpectedly, it was TopBoss who brought them up.  By saying that she was getting us some shiny new equipment.  To be precise, a set of miniaturised medical gas bottles and a lightweight, compact defibrillator that’ll actually fit in the panniers properly. This is kit we’ve wanted for a long time, as it makes our lives so much easier on duty.  It’s only enough for one pair of bikes, but that’s a lot better than the nothing we expected to get.

It turns out, despite what we’ve thought, TopBoss is very much in favour of the bikes, but normally has too many other things she needs to buy to spare any money on a set of bikes that rarely get used.  Which is really good (and a great relief).

Of cause, this means we now have only one person to blame for the state of the bikes, but he’s someone we can’t do anything about until the restructuring happens.


Okay, random aside here inspire by the musical interlude in that last post.

I LOVE Spotify.  I signed up for a premium membership a little while back, and I haven’t looked back.

I know I could just buy the tracks I want from Amazon or somewhere, and I’d probably spend less overall, but the convenience of adding a track or twenty to a playlist, without having to worry about the price, and not minding if I ditch it again if I don’t like it, is just amazing.  Add that to the fact that I can take the music anywhere I have wi-fi access on my tablet and my phone.  That’s over three hundred tracks, all in high quality, available on a device that couldn’t store a quarter of that.

Anyway, with that little sales pitch over, I will again leave you with some music.  This time, it’s the piece I love most out of the Chicago soundtrack.  I learnt to play a bit of this in a medley while in the school concert band, and while the melody isn’t that complex, it’s fiddly enough to be challenging, and when done properly, amazingly good fun to play.

I also think the performance in the film is amazing, but given that I’m a big fan of the film overall, there’s no real surprise there…

So, I leave you with Sean Palmer – We Both Reached For The Gun

(Regrettably I’m not paid by Spotify or anyone else to promote their service. I just happen to be a big fan of it.)

Social Networking Plug

As my current post is taking ages to come together, I think this is time for a bit of shameless plugging of my social networking (lack-of-)presence.  So, in no particular order:

Facebook: The Walking Plaster Dispenser

Twitter: @wplstrdispenser

Feel free to drop in, follow, like, chat, whatever.

And now, back to our normal programming.  Well, when it sorts itself out…

Google+: Walking Plaster Dispenser

And Again With the Wrong Men

Sometimes I wonder if someone, somewhere, has it in for me.

Yet again, I have fallen for the wrong guy.  Yet again, I’ve found myself having feelings about a straight man (in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend), and have to clamp down hard on them.

This time it’s one of my friends from the Organisation.  We met about a year ago, I think, when he moved to the area, and I started regularly attending the local Adult unit.  He settled in to the unit fairly quickly, and as we have very similar interests in the Organisation, and opinions on how many things should be done, we’ve got on very well.

Over time, and particularly recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve become very attracted to him, above and beyond the normal wish to be around someone who you get along with.  He’s a bit older than the man I’d normally go for, and not conventionally good-looking, but there’s something about him that gets me going every time.  I think it’s because pretty much everything he does, he’s very passionate about, and it’s really easy to get caught up in that, and it’s exciting.

It doesn’t help that I have recently spent a large amount of time in his company, and a reasonable amount of that alone with him.  It’s possible (though looking increasingly unlikely) that we could be crewing a vehicle together this weekend.

I am, of cause, being good.  Not only would I not dream (well…) of getting involved with someone who is obviously dedicated to his partner (who I also get on with reasonably well), I know that doing anything about this except ignoring it would only end in losing our friendship.  Not to mention the general awkwardness that it would result in from now until the end of time.  Instead, I bite my tongue, and keep things as friendship only.

If only I could fall for someone who there is even a chance that they might return the feelings, without the certainty that it’ll blow up in my face.

The Deadline Arrives

Well, the deadline has arrived, and still two of my members haven’t got hold of me.  I had a chat with LittlePara (my new boss) yesterday, and we decided that it would be best to send in what I have, and then send their bits when I get them.

We may be lucky.  I doubt my two people are the only ones who will get their details in late, and LittlePara and I both think that the deadline will probably get pushed back to accommodate this.  If it doesn’t, well, I’m going to have some very unhappy members when next year comes around.

I’ve done all I can.  I suppose now I just have to wait and see…


It’s a social tonight at the adult unit I attend, and it’s an ‘American Supper’ (I think Americans call this a pot-luck) and a quiz. And, because I like experimenting with sweet things, I’ve made cake.  Lots of cake.

First off is a Boiled Fruit Cake (  This is easily my favourite cake recipe, and seems to have come out okay:

Boiled Fruit Cake

The Boiled Fruit Cake in all it's glory.

I’m sitting next to this as I type, and my goodness is it tempting.

Next was a Sticky Ginger Cake.  This was an experiment for me, from one of my oft-neglected cooking books.  Looking at the recipe, it looks like death by glucose: molasses sugar, black treacle and ginger in syrup.   Cooking with black treacle is definitely an experience…  It has the consistency of golden syrup and the smell of treacle toffee (oddly enough), but looks like tar when you pull it out of the tin.  Added all together produces a mixture that just oozes hyperglycemia.  Smells rather interesting as well.

However, once it started cooked it looked okay:

Sticky Ginger Cake

The not-so-sticky Sticky Ginger Cake

It also smells awesome.  It’s not very sticky, but this is probably a good thing as it has to survive a trip in my bike wrapped in cling-film and I don’t fancy spending half an hour unwrapping it when I get there.  I should really ice it, but again that’s probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Now I just need to finish wrapping them up and head out.  Here’s hoping people like them…

Facebook Page

Just a quick post to say that the Facebook page I added to my side-bar is now up and running properly, and now actually staying publicly visible now.  I’d love it if you’d drop by and say hello or like me on there.

There’s also my Twitter account @wplstrdispenser, if you’re into Twitter, and of cause I love to read any comments you feel like writing.



It is rather warm in UniTown at the moment.  Even now, at nearly 2300, I’m overheating.  I’ve been complaining rather a lot recently about the rain, but now I’m too warm.  Sleeping tonight is going to be interesting.

Guess I must be English.  Can complain about the weather, no matter what it is.

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