A Beautiful Thing

I don’t often write about gay things (well beyond the odd side-comment).  Occasionally I’ll post something on Twitter, if I spot a tweet worth an RT, but I can count the number of these occasions on the fingers on one hand.  If you’re interested, my favourite would have to be:

Which is probably because I’m an old romantic at heart.

To get back to the point, last night I watched the film Beautiful Thing for the first time.  I’d heard of it before (I’d imagine most people in the LGBT community probably have), but have only just got around to actually seeing it.

Now, I’m not normally a fan of such films.  Give me an action/adventure or sci-fi any day.  That said, I found it really enjoyable, and a far cry from many  gay movies that pander to every single gay stereotype going.

The best bit is definitely the final scene.  It is really simple (like all of the film, in fairness), but really moving, and the perfect happy ending.

Sorry that this is a bit of an aimless post, I just wanted to share.  I definitely suggest everyone goes out to see this, even if just for the feel-good-factor of a genuinely happy ending.


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