Okay, random aside here inspire by the musical interlude in that last post.

I LOVE Spotify.  I signed up for a premium membership a little while back, and I haven’t looked back.

I know I could just buy the tracks I want from Amazon or somewhere, and I’d probably spend less overall, but the convenience of adding a track or twenty to a playlist, without having to worry about the price, and not minding if I ditch it again if I don’t like it, is just amazing.  Add that to the fact that I can take the music anywhere I have wi-fi access on my tablet and my phone.  That’s over three hundred tracks, all in high quality, available on a device that couldn’t store a quarter of that.

Anyway, with that little sales pitch over, I will again leave you with some music.  This time, it’s the piece I love most out of the Chicago soundtrack.  I learnt to play a bit of this in a medley while in the school concert band, and while the melody isn’t that complex, it’s fiddly enough to be challenging, and when done properly, amazingly good fun to play.

I also think the performance in the film is amazing, but given that I’m a big fan of the film overall, there’s no real surprise there…

So, I leave you with Sean Palmer – We Both Reached For The Gun

(Regrettably I’m not paid by Spotify or anyone else to promote their service. I just happen to be a big fan of it.)


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