It’s a social tonight at the adult unit I attend, and it’s an ‘American Supper’ (I think Americans call this a pot-luck) and a quiz. And, because I like experimenting with sweet things, I’ve made cake.  Lots of cake.

First off is a Boiled Fruit Cake (  This is easily my favourite cake recipe, and seems to have come out okay:

Boiled Fruit Cake

The Boiled Fruit Cake in all it's glory.

I’m sitting next to this as I type, and my goodness is it tempting.

Next was a Sticky Ginger Cake.  This was an experiment for me, from one of my oft-neglected cooking books.  Looking at the recipe, it looks like death by glucose: molasses sugar, black treacle and ginger in syrup.   Cooking with black treacle is definitely an experience…  It has the consistency of golden syrup and the smell of treacle toffee (oddly enough), but looks like tar when you pull it out of the tin.  Added all together produces a mixture that just oozes hyperglycemia.  Smells rather interesting as well.

However, once it started cooked it looked okay:

Sticky Ginger Cake

The not-so-sticky Sticky Ginger Cake

It also smells awesome.  It’s not very sticky, but this is probably a good thing as it has to survive a trip in my bike wrapped in cling-film and I don’t fancy spending half an hour unwrapping it when I get there.  I should really ice it, but again that’s probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Now I just need to finish wrapping them up and head out.  Here’s hoping people like them…


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