Things Fall Apart

(Title inspired by an (in my opinion) absolutely terrible book by Chinua Achebe that I had to study in GCSE English)

The Youth Team in my region of the Organisation seems to be on the verge falling apart.  TheBoss is still my immediate line manager, but we’re short staffed at her level, leaving some units without direct support.  Her line manager has just put in their resignation and their counterpart for the younger youth groups (5-10, while my lot are 10-18) has been promoted to fill the gap of senior youth officer, leaving nobody at that level.  Oh yes, and we’re always short of people at the local unit level. I could do with an extra female helper (having only one is a pain when I’m supposed to have at least one man and one woman at every meeting), and other units are desperately short of helpers, or even have no appointed Leader (my role).

It may be okay, but it’ll all depend on how well the new senior youth officer gets on with the older youth groups.  It sounds a little cynical, or perhaps I mean paranoid, but last time we were short members of county staff that I was involved with (while still at the University unit) every unit they were responsible got close to collapsing.  They’re just starting to recover now, but it’s taken a couple of years.

We should be okay for the moment. We’ve got enough momentum to keep going for a while yet, and as I said, TheBoss is still around, but it doesn’t do a great deal to douse the sense of impending doom.  Hopefully it’s just the depression talking, but the way the Organisation feels like it’s going at the moment, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough few months.


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