Exam Results

Uni release the results from last semester’s exams tomorrow evening.  Needless to say, it’s a bit of a nervous time amongst me and my friends, not least because we are all universally convinced that we’ve done failed.

One of my friends and I were talking to my Director of Studies today, and he told us that we should both be pleased with our results.  Rather perversely, this has actually made us both more worried about our exams.  There should be no particular reason for this, but since when did we need a reason to be paranoid about something as important as this.

So, tomorrow night could be quite sleepless.  Another of my friends has already decided to be very drunk before the results are released, presumably to cushion the blow.  Of cause, because I imagine he will have done fine, this will then turn in to many more drinks to celebrate, resulting in a messy night.  And if I’m wrong, it’ll be drinks to drown the sorrows.  So either way, I suspect I won’t be seeing him particularly early the next morning.

Me, I have my Youth Leader interview.  Which is just bloody typical.  Because all I need when being interviewed by two of my colleagues who I find rather intimidating in these circumstances is to be mildly hysterical about my exam marks.

Going to be an interesting evening…


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