Not long after writing about my incident a few days back, I found myself walking up that same hill, past that same step.

Almost as soon as I realised, all my memories of that day came flooding back.  I could still vividly remember the pram and the little girl sat in the middle of that road while her mother and I (also in the road) argued just a couple of meters away.  I could picture that little girls face as she peered suspiciously at me from around the pram, and the younger girls shy smile when I checked up on her before it all kicked off.

I suppose it was probably because it was fresh in my mind, after writing that post, but it still struck me as unusual how detailed my memory of the incident was.  With most of my patients, I can only remember vague details, or specific moments, if that, but almost every minute of this incident.

It must have made more than an impact than I had ever suspected.


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About The WalkingPlasterDispenser

So who is the Walking Plaster Dispenser? Well, I'm a volunteer First Aider, working with a well-known First Aid charity to help out random people I've never met before (or, more usually, when) they hurt themselves. This typically involves walking briskly (never run...) around after people who are silly enough to do sports or some other suitably daft activity in their free time. In my spare time, I am a graduate engineer, working my way through a graduate scheme with a big engineering company.

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