Avenue Q and Political Correctness

I had a theatre duty a couple of days back, and I went to see Avenue Q.  Now I’ll be honest, of the shows that I go see for the Organisation, there aren’t that many I would pay to see.  However, some make up for all the duds.

I suspect Avenue Q will make up for every bad show I have to see for at least the next year.  In short, it was awesome!

It was also one of the more surreal shows I’ve seen (and I’ve seen some odd ones).  Watching grown people interact with puppets on stage in a show most definitely targeted at adults is weird at first.  It’s surprising quite expressive they can be (probably helped by how closely the puppeteers match their puppets actions), and you’ll be surprised how quickly puppet and puppeteer merge in to one person in your mind.

And interesting point about Avenue Q is how PC it isn’t.  It makes jokes at a large parts of the population that you’d think they wouldn’t dare to put on stage, and you get everyone laughing along.  Just think how much controversy a  ‘Jungle Drums’ comment made (http://bit.ly/gDm4Qf – I dislike linking to the Daily Mail, but it gives you a good idea).  This show includes gay jokes galore (not one that I took offense at, I hasten to add), and an entire song calling everyone racist:

(I’d love to link to a YouTube clip showing a bit of the show, but none of them really do it justice).

At this point, I’d like to put in a quick ‘hear hear’ to this post on The Paramedics Diary, particularly the Speak Up section.  It’s good to see that not everyone is bowing to this Political Correctness madness.

Finally, back to Avenue Q, there is a comment in the reviews for the soundtrack I wanted to quote:

It is inspiring, funny, and at least one song will seem like it is personally written for you

And I’ll leave you with this video:


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