Uh Oh

So, anyone following my Twitter feed in any way will know that I’m a bit concerned at the moment.

First, a little background:

The Organisation a rolling out a computerised way of managing event cover. I’m all for this, as the current method is a bit rubbish. Presumably so that only people who know what they’re doing can access it, you have to do training on the system before you are issued a user account.

Youth leaders aren’t able to get this training. Basically, a notice went out that said Youth Leaders had to wait. The justification is that youth units are rarely operational on their own.

My boss’s boss hit the roof when she found out. When she told me, I wasn’t far behind (not that this means much to the Organisation). This view is complete bu… rubbish. I manage events on a reasonably regular basis, and attend events almost every week. From what I can tell, quite a few youth leaders are operational members, and there is no reason many youth units can’t run small duties in their own right.

But we can’t, or at least, not without extreme difficulty, because we don’t have access to this system. I am managing a duty this weekend for another unit, because their leader is unavailable and the members attending don’t have the necessary experience. The only way I have the duty information is because he emailed it to me, defying the entire point of the online system…

To try to resolve this issue for my unit, I sent an email to the person in charge of this system (or rather, the person I believe is the best ‘point of contact’), requesting access. I think the request was polite and reasonable, and hopefully shows precisely why the policy is a pain in the arse for people like me.

My request has been forwarded to the officer in charge of all events in the county… They wrote the policy, and the only person they answer to in the county is the county leader.

This is where I’m getting worried. I get on okay with this member, and most of the time I have no problem with her decisions. Unfortunately, at the moment I’ve basically assumed I’m going to get told no, because she wrote this policy, and I want a special exemption (which she doesn’t really seem to believe in giving, ever). I might be lucky, but I doubt it.

Oh, and of cause there’s the possibility that this will come crashing back down on me. And when something bad comes down from that high up, it’s going to hurt…

Part of me says I’m over-reacting, and that the worst that will happen is that I’ll get patted on my head and sent away. But that doesn’t stop the other bit that says ‘duck and cover’…

I’ll post an update when if/when I hear more, but if ‘interesting’ comments appear on my Twitter feed, my next post could be rather… acerbic…


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