I’m a tee totaler. For those of you who don’t know, this means I don’t drink alcohol. This is only a personal choice, no religious or social reasons, beyond the heavy negative view induced by exposure to a stupid amount of drunk students on while duty. I don’t have a problem with others drinking in moderation (though I won’t buy people alcohol), what they do to their bodies is their own problem, and a don’t try to push my ideas on them. I just don’t see the point in deliberately consuming an incapacitating drug with so many known side-effects and no proven benefits*. And I think it tastes bad, or at best no different to a cheaper (usually) soft drink.

This all said, I don’t understand why it is socially acceptable to wonder around, very nearly insensate, in a public place at 1830 on a weekday.

These people were staggering around the bus station, hunting for some bus they’ve long missed, hugging a bottle of some super strength cider that, when I had the misfortune to get too close, smelt like antifreeze.

*takes a deep breath*

Sorry about that, I just get a little annoyed with those people. Moderate consumption is fine. This much excess is just a waste, both of their lives, and the time of the unfortunate paramedic who has to deal with them when they fail to get home in time before collapsing. Oh yeah, and the cost to the taxpayer when they develop cirrhosis of the liver…

If they were high on amphetamines or an opiate, it would be frowned on (yes, I know their also illegal, that’s not my point). But, because everyone takes alcohol (yeah, *cough*), so it must be alright.

I suppose, at least it keeps me busy at my duties.

* Don’t get me started on people who claim they don’t drugs of any kind (even things like paracetamol) , but then fill their gut with a potent depressant every weekend…  At least they won’t mix alcohol with painkillers the morning after…



About The WalkingPlasterDispenser

So who is the Walking Plaster Dispenser? Well, I'm a volunteer First Aider, working with a well-known First Aid charity to help out random people I've never met before (or, more usually, when) they hurt themselves. This typically involves walking briskly (never run...) around after people who are silly enough to do sports or some other suitably daft activity in their free time. In my spare time, I am a graduate engineer, working my way through a graduate scheme with a big engineering company.

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